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TOPIC: reduced (SATB + Accompaniment) from MuseScore

reduced (SATB + Accompaniment) from MuseScore 3 years 4 months ago #1

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I’ve got a soundfont I would like to announce here but which I cannot upload to this site directly because it’s MIT licenced, not Creative Commons. (The licence is more permissive than all licences allowed on the site other than PD, incidentally.)

Original announcement: www.mirbsd.org/permalinks/wlog2020_e20200601.htm
Discussion post: musescore.org/en/node/306161
Download site: www.mirbsd.org/~tg/soundfont/

This SF2 soundfont is 7.3 MiB in size and contains Choir Aahs (expressive!) and Harpsichord (Cembalo) from the MIT-licenced MuseScore_General 0.2 by the wonderful S. Christian Collins, as well as the piano from MuseScore’s previous soundfont, the MIT-licenced Fluid (R3) Mono 2.315 (to save space). It’s a mono soundfont intended to be used on RAM-constrained devices, such as the Raspberry Pi, together with MuseScore, because MuseScore’s normal “full GM + extras” soundfont will be uncompressed into RAM, using about 206 MiB(!) of it, which is about a quarter of the usable total RAM size of a Pi, over half of it on the smaller Pis.

This soundfont supports Single-Note Dynamics with MuseScore 3 (for the Choir Aahs only, obviously).

If you’re only doing vocal scores, this soundfont will be just enough for you and speed up many aspects of MuseScore on smaller devices; I’m using it on my EeePC as well. I did include two accompaniments because I love the Cembalo but many people expect a fortepiano.

This soundfont could be combined with TimGM6mb (the soundfont of MuseScore 1.x) to have full GM (General MIDI) support in only 13 MiB RAM… that is, if the GPL licence of TimGM6mb is not a problem for the user. This way you have Single-Note Dynamics on Choir Aahs and some of the much better Fluid/MuseScore_General instruments but still the full GM coverage.

(OT but, in case someone wonders, the download directory contains (currently) two more soundfonts, JinxStrings and JinxWinds, which are also custom-made reduced editions of MuseScore_General, containing “just the/some strings” and “just the/some” winds and are meant to be combined with SATBkc and possibly a tiny GM font for a full experience. These are also expressive but reduced, e.g. don’t carry the “second violins” and stuff.)
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