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Jews harp

03 March 2017



Jews_Harp.sf2 (83 KB, 05 March 2017)


  • Doug stop being a bitch

    The name doesn't have to be offending at all. Like if you saw a jew playing something that kind of sounded like a harp, you'd register the instrument in your head as "the harp-like thing the jew was playing", or in more crude terms "the jew's harp".
    Not denying that someone could be offended by it, but also it's just the name of an instrument. And the world's most inconsequential one at that.
    If anybody is actually offended by a mouth harp then they fucking deserve to be.
    Also vaguely offensive to jews is most definitely not the same as anti-semitic. By calling it that you are making a joke of the actual danger of anti-semitism. Fuck you.

  • Paweł

    I want to try how it sounds

  • Doug

    David, What I said two years ago when I said that the Kinnor is a Jewish Harp or lyre is not anti-Semitic, its not my fault that you are ignorant about these instruments, and yes calling the Jaw Harp the "Jews Harp" is very anti-Semitic and offensive to Jewish people, its like calling it a Negro Harp or the even more offensive slang word racist people use to refer to people of African lineage or decent and it isn't a Harp either, its a lamellophone.






    • Sveta Vologotskaya

      Вы действительно пологаете, что в каждом названии или мельком брошенной фразе обязательно есть недобрый подтекст? Феноменально!
      Давайте ещё за любое упоминание чернокожих или евреев сажать на электрический стул?

      А может это всё только в твоей голове? Забудь о различиях и нестанет никакого рассизма/антисемитизма.

      И да, google translate вам в помощ. Вы же, надеюсь, не анти-туранид, националист и русофоб, который считает кириллицу недостойной письменностью "унтерменшей"?

  • That is a very anti-semitic name to use, this instrument is called a jaw harp. An actual Jewish Harp is called a Kinnor and the Kinnor is the hand held harp played by King David, he was the King of Isra'el in ancient times.

    • David

      No it isn't anti sematic.   you have made it so.  by the way it is also known as an English Trump.  Although Donald can trace his ancestry back to the UK via his Scottish mother, a trump in the UK is completely something different ie a FART.  the jews harp is something that all cultures on this planet have used as a musical instrument.  no it isn't of jewish origin but an English trump is also further than the original origin.  I don't hear people saying you cant call it that.  What next a Cor Anglais cant be called an English Horn or worse a love oboe (oboe d'amore)?  Get a grip. 

  • levoneee

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