The Happy Tree Friends (Ashsha Kin) Soundfont, first blood.

17 July 2023

It's an exahustive recreation/work of soundbanks by Me!!!!

HTF Ashsha Kin Soundfont - Mondo.sf2


The recreation of the sound sets that rj eleven, aka Ashsha Kin, (htf composser that worked with Jim Lively in San Fransisco,) used in the first season before Jerome Rossen took his place until now. Jim Lively modified the music instruments in later seasons for a orchestral, realistic sound (never mind, basically this is only for the old episodes). and that's it.

If You're a HTF fan and want to make your own HTF OSTs. You will love it!

Dedicated to this like 4 years

Tecnical Data:

It's made using soundfonts and samples that I downloaded, so basicaly this is a collage of nothing mine, but I know it so, credits to all of this sounds to their respective creators. (I used so many sounds and sf's that i couldn't say all of them).

But I encountered a lot of original HTF soundbanks, like for example Kurzweil's Piano, Oboe, a midi Celesta used for "The Lemonade Stand" Episode and so one; oh and I noticed that the florestan quartet it's used in the Show also, so... credit to them too.

//because it is too large to upload here, I uploaded it to musical artifacts and paste the link here//

-Shared to you with cuddles and giggles from México xp (the x is a strong, narrow Hh' sound for you).


Stereo Grand divisions.png (56 KB, 17 July 2023)
simple sample mapping on synthesia's keyboard screenshot
Solo Oboe.sf2 (312 KB, 17 July 2023)
HTF Oboe sf. (so many memories)
Perc_Organ.sf2 (7.41 MB, 17 July 2023)
The HTF Happy Trails Organ sf. (Sounds like a far away piano)
!PROG - 01 - Acoustic Piano.sf2 (19.59 MB, 17 July 2023)
The Happy Tree Friends first spooky bumpy Piano sf.

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