Monsoon's Hohner C Harmonica

09 May 2018

A Natural sounding Hohner C Harmonica. Add a bit of Distortion (or Amp Simulator) and Reverb for Blues.



Monsoon's Hohner C Harmonica.sf2 (3.62 MB, 09 May 2018)
A Natural sounding Hohner C Harmonica. Add some distortion (or an Amp Simulator) and some reverb for Blues. Read inside the Sf2 for details.



    Very good! Thank you!

  • YueC

    Expect this

  • Ratchaphon      Phuphong

    please review sound SF2

    • Carl L Garthwaite

      Hi Ratchaphon,  

              I replied to your same comment about my 1974 Fender Jazz Bass Soundfont a few days ago... So here it goes again... 
      I'm not sure what you mean by "please review sound SF2".  Did you mean "please revise this soundfont"? 
      Not being a genius at creating soundfonts, I built this one rather "bare-bones".  I didn't set any loop points for allowing extremely long notes, or figure out how to get a proper decay for shorter notes.  Basically, the notes ring until they fade the way they did naturally, or cut off a bit abruptly.  Same deal for the Bass Sf2.  Anyhow, post again to clarify your meaning.  Thanks! Carl (Monsoon) 

  • amin

    very nce bro

  • e

    Fantastic! Naturally sounding. 

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