Monsoon's Maple Neck 1974 Fender Jazz Bass

09 May 2018

Monsoon's Maple Neck 1974 Fender Jazz Bass with Maple Neck, EMG Pickups, Rotosound Strings



Monsoon's Maple Neck 1974 Fender Jazz Bass.sf2 (595 KB, 09 May 2018)
Monsoons_Maple_Neck_1974_Fender_Jazz_Bass_Stereo.sf2 (1.57 MB, 10 May 2018)
With stereo Effect. Very Bright
Monsoons_Maple_Neck_1974_Fender_Jazz_Bass_8-String_Effect.sf2 (1.51 MB, 10 May 2018)
Run through an Octave Up (8-String Effect) using a Digitech RP-2000


  • Dee Burke

    Thanks, let you know when I've tried them. :-)

  • Ratchaphon      Phuphong

    please review sound SF2

    • Carl L Garthwaite

      Hi Ratchaphon,  I'm not sure what you mean.  By "please review Sf2", do you mean "please revise sf2"?  If there is a problem with any of these soundfonts, please let me know.  I did them over a year ago, and didn't get too fancy with them.  So no loop points, etc.  Just the natural decay much like on a soundfont for drums. Let me know.  Thanks.  Best regards, Carl

  • Carl L Garthwaite

    Thanks Davy!

  • Davy

    For better organizing soundfonts, I took the liberty to gather the 3 versions of this nice instrument in the same page (this one)

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