Octave- Neutral Organ (432 Hz A)

11 August 2023

This is a SoundFont of tones that, similar to a Shepard tone, are octave-neutral: Each note has over- and undertones across the audible range, all at equal volumes. This makes it sound kind of like an organ grinder, incidentally. This SF2 is tuned to 432Hz natural A. Let me know if you'd like a version tuned to the 440Hz industry standard A. Enjoy!



Octave-Neutral Organ (432 Hz A).sf2 (66.07 MB, 02 November 2023)
Updated version with a faded organ, and the original un-enveloped version. Samples recorded at 48000 Hz. Tuned to 432 Hz natural A. This is an "organ" where all notes have all overtones, all at equal volume. This makes them ocvtave-neutral, like a Shepard tone. Enjoy!
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