G-Town church organ

Tobias Margerber
21 February 2017



g-town_church_organ.rar (58.77 MB, 21 February 2017)


  • NIK

    Grazie! Molto gentile!Grazie! Molto gentile!

  • Dado

    Sounds great, and yes only tutti.  Love it.

  • Bill S-B

    Not sure what this is meant to be - apparently only one preset & one set of samples,  for the 'Full'(Tutti) organ
    Is this intentional?   It is not useful for a Virtual Pipe Organ, which wants a preset for every stop.
    Is there a complete, stop by stop, sample set available please?

    • Davy

      This is indeed only a tutti. For separate stops there is - for now - only the soundfont "Jeux 1.4". I'll upload more of this kind in the future

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