Piano Icons Vol.1

17 December 2023

TAL Sampler Piano Icons Vol.1

All instruments in this pack are created in our studio from multi-sampled hardware / ROM reverse auditing at 44.1kHz/24 bit providing you with the best file size to headroom while maintaining a decent noise floor. The overall file size is larger than 16 bit samples but will provide you with flexible levels when setting multiple instruments in your overall mix.

I realise there is still argument around what a “studio quality sample” actually is but the fidelity debate has been resolved for many years now. If you need to brush up or enlighten yourself around the issue I highly recommend you read the article in the attached link.

Sampled Hardware / Studio Data

Bechstein c.1861

Blüthner c.1958

Feurich c.1962

Hansa Tonstudio c.1977

Kawai c.1997

Ocean Sound c.2009

Petrof c.1974

Power Station NYC c.1981

RMV Studio c.1978

Samick c.1979

Steinway c.1984

Sunset Sound CA c.1987

Westlake Studio c.1989

Yamaha c.1987

Yamaha c.1993

Sample Types

Analog Pianos * Electric Pianos **

Why 192kHz/24 bit Music is Stupid

Link: https://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html


Q. Is TAL Sampler included in this pack?

A. No. It is available from TAL Software and is ridiculously good value for money.

Q. Are any effects processed into the samples?

A. No. All the samples are raw from the hardware.

Q. Are the instruments pre-configured for use straight away?

A. Yes! All instruments are hardware-modelled and set ready for TAL Sampler.

Q. What is the total pack size?

A. 15 Quality Instruments (100 MB approx.)

Q. What is the cost of the pack?

A. AUD$19.95 via digital download.

Q. Where can I buy TAL Sampler Piano Icons Vol.1?

A. Purchase via our Gumroad link: https://soundsource.gumroad.com/l/kozvhb

Q. Do you provide other formats such as Kontakt, SF2, Wav, etc.

A. Yes, but by request only.

Q. Are the files licensed?

A. Yes, under CC BY 2.0 found here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ .

Q. How can I extract the instruments from .7z file?

A. Use opensource 7-Zip here: https://www.7-zip.org/download.html


Petrof c.1974.zip (34.4 MB, 17 December 2023)
Audio: Jazz Nights featuring Petrof samples
Petrof.sf2 (28.45 MB, 17 December 2023)
Soundfont 2 file
TAL Sampler Piano Icons Vol.1.odt (4 KB, 17 December 2023)
Soundsource Studios TAL Sampler pack info
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