My Wurlitzer Piano

02 September 2023

my old Wurlitzer piano that my great grandmother bought long ago. It is not tuned perfectly, and once it is tuned, i’ll make a soundfont of it again so it’s like a before and after. It was recorded with a MacBook Air mic, so if it sounds bad, sorry, but it’s all i have. The lower notes cut off after like 20 seconds because I don’t want the smoke alarm beep to interrupt the recording. the serial number is 1703459. oh also I am planning to add different velocities for it but that will take a long time.

UPDATE: i’m planning to make 3 velocity sets (100-127, 50-99, and 0-49) and i’m a little over half way to finishing the second batch of samples (my grandma can’t keep the tv off so it’s been kinda hard, although i have found some times where I can record the samples. Smoke alarm’s fixed tho) so please be patient while i work on this soundfont. I will also put an updated version of the soundfont here with all of the samples imported but unused, so if you have polyphone, you can browse through them and have a peek of what’s to come :)

UPDATE 2: i finished the second batch of samples only to find out that it didn’t sound good when transferring from 1 batch of samples to the other when changing velocity in midi, so i have to make another batch of samples to put in between them which is gonna take even more time. Sorry. :(

Progress update: i just bought a new mic for recording samples, so hopefully the soundfont will sound way better once i get the adapter for it. I think i’m going to scrap the samples that i already made because they are not good quality and i want it to be as good as possible, i will still have a download for the old one, but the new one will be much better than it.



Wurlitzer Piano (76.75 MB, 03 September 2023)
the soundfont
Piano (7.36 MB, 02 September 2023)
the pictures of the actual piano
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