06 January 2023

BJDNielKalimba is one of the BJDNielSounds collection created with Ball-Jointed Doll Niel, a witch, session player and psychotherapist for GoldRock.

BJDNielKalimba is a 2-bank SoundFont including kalimba and tremolo kalimba. All sound samples are 24bit, 2304Kbps, 192kHz WAV format. Panning applied on the each notes. With mixing from 100 velocities, its sounds will close to the volume of -12dBFS. The key range is C5~C6.

Working With
  • Niel and Yi Yunseok
  • MeinL 8-Key Solid Sapele Kalimba, Azul Memorial Pendant
  • Raspberry Pi, PiSound, Behringer Micro series and Monitor1
  • Musicus B-free2.0, Audio-Technica AT2035, OneOdio Pro-50
  • RasPiOS, Audacity, Cava, Polyphone
Tested With


BJDNielKalimba.sf2 (4.74 MB, 06 January 2023) (2 KB, 06 January 2023)
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