The original Joytunes soundfont!


I made this Soundfont, It was ripped from the games' files and I found the Soundfont. I hope you like it. This is for some people at the future after the Soundfont in Piano Dust Buster gets changed.

Before you download it:

(C) Joytunes 2012

1. You can use it, but do not claim it that it is yours.

2. If you make the remastered version with all samples, You still have to give credit.

3. Last: If you make the more samples version, You still have to give credit its on top /\


(OLD) The original Joytunes soundfont beta (2.52 MB, 17 December 2022)
This soundfont is old, Please download the new one. Credit to joytunes.
The original Joytunes soundfont.sf2 (2.52 MB, 18 December 2022)
The soundfont was not GM compatible but it sounds accurate becuase I changed the long holds. This soundfont is the offical one. Credit to joytunes.
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