Emperador Classic Concert Grand Piano

20 February 2021

beautiful Classic concert grand sampled from our future physical modeling project !

Packed in SF3 Format so just save it as SF2 and you are ready to go !!!



Emperador Classic Concert Grand Piano.sf3 (19.48 MB, 20 February 2021)


  • Valentinus Wilona

    i like it. thanks for making it

  • Valentinus Wilona

    Because this was in the sf3 format. I suggest you to download the polyphone Soundfont editor and save it to sf2. There is a tutorial in the YouTube. 

    Hope it helps

  • ayozz damn

    i cant download

  • franklinyjh

    good really good

  • Alice Revlon

    Could somebody convert the piano into sf2 and upload it somewhere ? I am not (yet) a Polyphone user.
    Thanks !


    Wow a Real Concert Piano with a sharp warm and realistic sound.
    A Piano with feeling and quality also a good dynamic range
    The best piano for sure

    • Alice Revlon

      It would be nice if you could convert it into sf2 and upload it, thanks !

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