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The software preferences are accessible either from the home screen or from the menu. They are divided into five sections:


The General section allows the modification of the following parameters:

Audio backend
Specifies the audio backend used to play samples. JACK and ASIO drivers (the latter for Windows only) may be chosen.
Buffer size
Specifies the buffer size used for JACK and ASIO drivers. A small buffer results in a small latency, but the sound may become scratchy.
MIDI input
Specifies the MIDI input controlling the virtual keyboard.

Moreover, it is possible to check the following options:

Sample import: trim to loop
When importing a sample, data located after the end of loop are automatically removed (same effect as the tool “Trim to end of loop”).
Sample import: remove blank at start
When importing a sample, any blank area located before the beginning of the attack is automatically removed (same effect as the tool “Remove blank at start”).
Stereo editing: change linked sample
When editing one side of a stereo sample, the other side is automatically edited the same. The same applies when editing a stereo instrument division: the division corresponding to the other channel (with the same note and velocity ranges) is edited the same.
Settings, general
Settings, general


This section shows options related to the interface of the software:

The language may be changed here (a restart of the software is required).
Key names
Keys may be named depending on their number (according to MIDI specification), or depending on the name of middle C (C3, C4 or C5). Key names may comprise sharps or flats.
Sort divisions
The division order within an instrument or a preset can be changed here.
Background decorations in some lists can be deactivated for readability.
Color theme
Different predefined color themes are available for customizing the appearance of Polyphone. A manual selection of colors is also possible.
Settings, interface
Settings, interface


The Sound section makes it possible to modify the chorus and reverb of the synth, along with its global volume. The global volume may be changed with the volume MIDI controller if an external keyboard is connected.

Settings, sound
Settings, sound

Virtual keyboard

The keys of the computer keyboard used to control the virtual keyboard are defined in the Virtual keyboard section. The pitch may be increased or decreased octave by octave.

Settings, keyboard
Settings, keyboard

Online repository

Identifiers can be entered here to link Polyphone with an account, a Premium account unlocking the soundfont browser.

The download directory used by the soundfont browser can be changed here.

Settings, repository
Settings, repository
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