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Use these instructions if you cannot install Polyphone on your Linux distribution with the available installers in the section “Download”. This method has been tested with Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial).


The following libraries are required:

  • qt (qt5-default + libqt5svg5-dev)
  • alsa (libasound2-dev)
  • jack (libjack-jackd2-dev)
  • portaudio (portaudio19-dev)
  • rtmidi (librtmidi-dev)
  • stk (libstk0-dev)
  • qcustomplot (libqcustomplot-dev)
  • vorbis (libvorbis-dev)
  • ogg (libogg-dev)
  • flac (libflac-dev)
  • ssl (libssl-dev)

Use for example synaptic to install them.

You also need the sources of Polyphone, available here or on GitHub.


In the root directory of the project, open a terminal and build Polyphone by running the following command:

qmake polyphone.pro PREFIX=/usr && make

An executable file polyphone in the directory RELEASE should then appear if everything went right.

In the case where libraries such as RtMidi, Stk, QCustomPlot are missing or are not in a compatible version in your distribution, you can edit the .pro file to use local copies of them. To do this, uncomment the corresponding lines. For instance


will become


(with no leading “#”).

Note: if you are using Qt Creator, the project may be opened via its .pro file present in the root directory.

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