08 November 2015

Version 1.7 brings new views and features for better editing soundfonts.


  • (new) convenient view to graphically edit key and velocity ranges
  • (new) overview pages showing a configuration summary of all samples, instruments or presets
  • (new) sf3 import / export
  • (new) serbian translation
  • (new) command line for conversions between sf2, sf3, sfz and sfArk
  • (improvement) simultaneous editing of multiple global divisions
  • (improvement) tools are allowed when several instruments or presets are selected in the tree
  • (improvement) pasting modulators is allowed for several divisions
  • (improvement) wheel event support in the sample graphics
  • (improvement) loop modes in the instrument table are displayed with graphical elements
  • (fix) the "left / right" attribute was lost in duplicated samples
  • (fix) minor graphical interface issues
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