07 May 2018

The soundfont upload for sharing your creations is now available! In addition to this feature, private collections can be used to organize soundfonts.

Soundfont upload

For sharing soundfonts, first make sure that you are the author and that samples have an appropriate license. Uploading a soundfont can then be done with the item "submit a soundfont" from the user menu. Once the form in 3 parts is complete, everybody will be able to download, comment, rate and play!

Step 1: main information

The first part comprises the identification and the description of the soundfont, in which you can insert images or YouTube video for a demonstration. Please pay special attention to the licenses that are explained here. The license must be chosen with respect to what you grant to other people and also to the samples used in the soundfonts.

Step 2: classification

The second part displays different categorizations that are useful for a more precise description. The advanced search takes benefit of them. The more precise you are about the instrument you are sharing, the more likely people will find what they want in testing it.

Step 3: files

Finally, the third part contains the file uploader. Several files may be uploaded if your creation is split into several parts or if you want to add various documents.

Note: for sharing an existing soundfont, please mention it in the forum and an administrator will add it to the repository.


Collections add another level for organizing soundfonts. Depending on your preferences, you may want to use them during the creation of a soundfont or as memo.

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